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3D 360° Virtual Tour


3D dollhouse mode, photo floor plan & in-tour tagging included

Spaces larger than 75 sq metres (e.g. 1/2 bedroom flat) will be charged higher by size

Increasing discount scale with multiple property bookings

360° photos available for social sharing

Intro fly-in video for sharing

Black & White Pro Floorplan


*Included in our estate agents package – learn more here

A professional black & white floor plan within 98-99% of reality

An all-in-one solution for real estate

2 day delivery time

Property Photography


Quality DLSR photography available

Interior, exterior & 360°’s included

Available in web-ready or original quality formats

Google Street View Upload


Google Street View with virtual tours graphic

Your business uploaded the worlds most popular mapping service

Long-term increase in clicks to site via G Maps

Comes with 360° photos for Facebook sharing

3D Files (BIM Software)


– Colorized point cloud (.XYZ)
– Reflected ceiling plan image
– High resolution floor plan image
– 3D mesh file (.OBJ)

Cheaper than LIDAR scanning &  more complete than handheld 3D scans.

24hr delivery time

Download sample files here

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How Does Local-X Matterport Virtual Tour Pricing Work?

Step 1. We charge our standard £30 flat fee for all individual virtual tour playback boxes regardless of size.

price tag on virtual tour service

Step 2. We then add our per square meter / per square foot rate to your space. If you don’t have this we will forecast based on time needed.

Meter squared graphic for virtual tour pricing

Step 3. Finally, we add in extras. For example, more than 5 virtual tags, black & white floorplans, Google Street View & 3D files


Discounts available to real estate and businesses with multiple locations

Discounts graphic on houses and business wanting a 360 virtual tour pricing