3D 360° Virtual Tours & Photography Features

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 3D 360° Virtual Tours That Work On All Devices

Your customers are increasingly researching on the move or away from a desk and since 2016, mobile traffic has overtaken desktop. Enjoy all the same features as seen on a desktop from anywhere and don’t settle for anything less than a brilliant user experience no matter if they’re on mobile, tablet or even virtual reality headset with our Matterport tours.

Some Features & Benefits

We can serve a wide variety of industries outside of just estate agencies. From a gyms, showrooms or venues wanting to entice more customers remotely to film set location scouting, construction and insurance documentation. Discover how our virtual tours can improve your online marketing or assist as a valuable remote viewing tool.

Add In-Tour Tags

Details can be overwhelming, request in-tour tags to give your viewers contextual information at exactly the right time. Tags can contain additional text and external web links to sales pages, dedicated information or your conversion points. We can customise tags to appear anywhere in a variety of colours so you can colour code types of in-tour information to your spec.

3D Dollhouse View

Can’t quite put it all together in your head? Dollhouse view is available with every virtual tour to help anyone fully visualise the interior space from a distance and see how each room links to the next. You can even filter this by floor if your virtual tour includes multiple levels.

Dynamic Photo Floor Plan Mode

Not only can you receive full schematic black and white floor plans, but you’ll have access to a dynamic photo floor plan mode within the tour player. We can add additional room labels and this feature works in real time across the floor filter drop down. Your visitors will leave in no doubt about your space and how each room leads to the next.

Great For Tight Spaces

The days of clunky, shallow depth of field, simple 360° camera tours should be over. Our system shines through when it comes to all those difficult narrow spaces that simple 360° cameras could never handle. With more points of view to click-through and true 3D scale, we’ve reached the standard needed for fit for purpose VR ready 360° virtual tours – without compromises.


Black & White Pro Floorplans

Want a floorplan too? There’s no need to hire additional firms or return to the property for measurements, our tech can create professional black-and-white floor plans accurate to 1 to 2% of reality. Combine traditional property marketing to the latest tour technology and give your customers complete viewing flexibility.

* 2 day delivery time – Example file here

Improve Online Engagement

Potential customers want to know more about your business or premises. Give them a full 3D virtual tour to peak their interest, encourage them to stay on site longer (good for SEO), share with friends and give them the confidence to enquire or visit. Supercharge your sites online experience with best digital asset available – now.

Graphic shows improved marketing metrics from virtual tours
Google Street View with virtual tours graphic

Get On Google Street View

Add your space to the world’s most popular mapping service and enjoy improved visibility/advertising free. We can uploud and convert the bespoke tour for your website to Google Street View in one go. That means two virtual tours from only one site visit – its a no-brainer! Click here.

Virtual Reality Ready

Enjoy true immersion in VR mode with every Local-X 360° virtual tour. Virtual reality can be enjoyed on a variety of devices now from phone accessories such as Google Cardboard to dedicated devices from Ocular Rift, HTC and many more. Rest assured, investment in an online virtual tour will be future proofed for years to come.

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laptop graphic with 3d files being manipulated

3D Files Available

– Colorized point cloud (.XYZ)
– Reflected ceiling plan image
– High resolution floor plan image
– 3D mesh file (.OBJ)

You’ll be able to annotate, share, and export the point cloud to Autodesk ReCap® or Revit®. Faster than 3D laser scanning, more complete than handheld 3D scanners. Download sample files here.

4K & 360° Photography

As an all-in-one service, we can provide high-resolution 4K photography from visits along with 360° photos from every capture point seen as a blue circle in-tour. We can add this as a scrollable labelled key at the bottom of virtual tours and give them to you separately on request.

Golden 4K & 360° graphics

No Downtime & No Disruption

Enjoy complete flexibility with 24 hour capture times. We’re happy to work around your business needs to get the job done. All we ask is:

1. Full access to the area being captured

2. Capture area is presented as desired (no mess)

3. The room being captured is empty of people

No Coding Skills Needed

If you’ve ever added a youtube video to a webpage, then you’re already there. Our Matterport virtual tours can simply be embedded into any webpage whether your website is built using an off the shelf content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or with a bespoke solution. For more info on embedding click here, if you’re struggling to get the tour live we’re always on hand to help.

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