How It Works


How It Works


HDR Comes Standard

See some example high dynamic range photos included in our packages here.

Looking for Photos Only?

No problem, head over to our contact/quote page for a quote now – prices start from £120. See examples here.

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How Matterport 3D Works

If you’re interested in the 3D tour service and you’ve never purchased it before, then here’s what you need to know. But remember, we also do standard photography too!

How Matterport 3D Works

If you’re interested in the 3D tour service and you’ve never purchased it before then here’s what you need to know but remember, we also do standard photography too.


Book your desired package by browsing the pricing page and filling in the quote form. See the features page to explore some of the terminologies. We’ll get back in contact to book in your capture date and time. After 18:00 captures are available.


If you’re enquired space meets certain conditions, then we’ll explain to you what kind of results you can expect. We can capture with people in shot (good for public spaces) and you’ll have the option to use facial blurring. Matterport 3D works best indoors, but under certain conditions outdoors can be captured too. See the external 360° features on our features page for a quick demo.


Day of the shoot, we’ll need contact for the day for smooth running and full access to the space. The virtual tour camera spins 360° so room will be captured from every angle. It’s recommended that the room layout doesn’t change once started and people are limited from walking through if you want an empty (of people) virtual tour.


They’ll be 24 hours before you can see the 1st draft of the rendered 3D tour. Unless you specifically request DSLR, then included HDR photos come from the virtual tour camera footage – gallery here. At this point we’ll be adding in the features specced, e.g. virtual tags, photos, floorplans, walkthrough video and Google Street View.

How Matterport Virtual Tour Hosting Works

“Why do I need to think about hosting, can’t we save it ourselves?”

Matterport own the technology and run the virtual tour data delivery and playback for you. A Matterport tour cannot be saved on your own website without their (Matterport) hosting provision. The good news is we include some months for free! Otherwise, if you wanted to have your own account with Matterport it will cost around £500 a year, so we don’t recommend it in for 90% of clients. There is no way around this, but there are some advantages to this approach which outweigh the negatives.

  1. The tours run reliably and get upgraded with new features over time.
  2. The tours streaming speed is fast (fast data speed & good performance).
  3. The tours are easy to add to a website (embedding).
  4. Your web developer / IT time won’t get eaten up by adding your own virtual tour playback features and it won’t break when your site gets updated.

A Video Analogy:

Imagine your video has to run through a YouTube web player and not a web player running off your own website or server. However, at least you’ll know it’s going to run reliably, quickly and be very easy to add to your website (the advantages). You or your IT department won’t have their time taken up with a complicated installation. All they need to do is add the embedding YouTube URL to the page and it works (just like 3D Matterport).