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Arriva Rail Virtual Tour Trial | Matterport In London Train Stations
Facility Management

Six 3D Virtual Tours For Arrival Rail London

Improving HQ Oversight & Decision Making

ARL’s Innovations Business Excellence team got in touch with Local-X, to trial the use of 3D tours across a number of rail sites which they operate on the London Overground (the orange line). 

Our trial expanded from 3 sites to 6 with an additional Class-710 train which is due to come into service soon. 

Operating large numbers of rail sites efficiently has many challenges for Arriva so they are always looking for new ways of working for the business. Some of those challenges can be: 

  1. Improving station engineer callout instructions to reduce wasted visits
  2. Improving HQ oversight when discussing or planning for stations
  3. Improving new staff training and health and safety incident recording
  4. Helping visitors with extra needs use the stations

After our trial with ARL, we’re delighted to say they have decided to roll out the technology to the rest of the line! ARL makes use of most of the Matterport features with mattertags, labelling, 3D dollhouse and more. Due to the sensitive nature when publishing details of UK infrastructure, we cannot make our 3D tours fully public on this site, however, we can show some previews of our work which has been approved by ARL