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DSLR Photography For Bannatyne Gyms & Pay As You Gym​
Improving click through rate with photography

Bannatyne Gyms DSLR Photography

DSLR Photography For Bannatyne Gyms & Pay As You Gym

Local-X were happy to help Pay As You Gym (PAUG) update six of their key client locations in the North-East (5) and London (1) with Bannatyne Gyms. PAUG needed to update their Bannatyne listings current photography as it was lacking in quality which was leading to a poor click-through-rate being noticed from the PAUG digital team. Working together, we were able to transform the problem location’s performance and increase user clicks on their industry-leading platform. Now the photography matches the premium service from Bannatyne that customers first expected when browsing against other brands in similar locations.