Disrupting Retail Visual Merchandising Guideline Creation


New Look visual merchandising team was keen to innovate the way they deliver brand guidelines to their network of managers with every season change. New Look has hundreds of shops across the country so compliance can be a problem. The existing method may seem all too familiar to many in the retail space. Dress one large and one smaller version of the shop floor as a template for the new season, take photo’s, import into a powerpoint presentation, then write annotated notes under each slide. Other brands could also be using expensive custom IT solutions in the retail planning stages – which don’t represent true photorealistic representations of their shops like 3D tours do.


Problems with this approach can be:

  • Difficult to cover every angle on the retail space

  • Labour intensive

  • Time intensive

  • Dense material created that’s slow to navigate – low internal engagement


To improve this quarterly activity for New Look and to improve brand manager engagement, we captured two shops in 3D. One full size and one smaller while making full use of tagging products and displays to give clear instructions to managers. Now managers can open the virtual tour, see the floor from every angle and click on notes as they become relevant to their search or view. The virtual shop now gives managers a complete, rich and more visual way of how to copy this season’s new style. Tags are also colour coded, so managers can easily see instructions by theme or category.

*Permission From Client Was Granted – Full 3D Not Shown On Request


Now with the new 3D Matterport virtual tour approach, Local-X has:


  • Reduced staff work hours on creating guidelines

  • Shortened turnaround

  • Improved coverage of the retail space (full 360°)

  • Reduced costs (staff time accounted for)

  • Improved internal engagement with shop managers – fewer display mistakes


Try A Public 3D Retail Tour Now

*We’re unable to show the client 3D tour due to privacy. However, this mannequin showroom from Universal display represents another way to use a tour in the retail and showroom space.


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