3D / 360° Virtual Tours For Hotels Rooms & Hire Spaces


How many times have the pictures looked better than the actual space? We were happy to capture a range of 4 & 5 star London hotels so that Matterport’s industry-leading mobile friendly  3D virtual tours can be used in-app. This virtual tour makes good use of virtual tags to help showcase room and hotel facilities during the consideration stage of the viewing customer’s buying journey. Hopper is a travel app which seeks to not only streamline the travel process but also to help customers book with complete confidence. We were happy to be commisioned to capture a line of 4 & 5 star London hotels.

Typical Hotel Virtual Tour Options & Features

  • Short Intro Video (MP4) Free
  • Exterior Dollhouse 3D view  Free
  • Virtual Reality Mode  Free
  • (8x) In-tour Tags With Messaging & Media  Free
E.g.  Upsell the decor ‘hypo-allergenic, queen-sized Egyptian cotton bed tag, sell room service options tag and Google Map in-tour tag + add in any branded video in-tour
  • Auto-guided Tour Mode  Free
  • 360° Photos (great For Facebook Sharing Free
  • Labelled Navigation Key   Free
  • Floor Selector Navigation (if needed)   Free
  • Colour Floorplan 2D View   Free
  • In-tour exterior 360 photo Extra 
  • More than 8 virtual tags per tour  Extra 
  • Google Street View Communal Areas  Extra 


Proving ROI – Simple Digital Tracking Ideas (Google Analytics)

  1. You’ll see online viewing/consideration time increase on the page. 3D tours are very effective at this. 
  2. Will encourage a higher conversion rate for direct (full margin) bookings vs 3rd party booking sites. 
  3. Place trackable links inside the virtual tour tags for ‘book now’, ‘see gym’ and restaurant & bar’ pages.  


Here’s an example intro video

Our prices start from £125, If you’re interested in how 3D virtual tours can improve your marketing, get in touch via our quick contact form or call: 07471099319

Discounts are available to clients with multiple space bookings.






Capture 5 Star Hotel Rooms


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