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3D 360° Virtual Tours For Gyms, Spas, Leisure & Wellness Industry

Cost Effective Upgrade

Versus the cost of employing a web designer to freshen up the site, our 3D virtual tours still gives your gym that much needed online boost – at a fraction of the cost.

Pays Off Fast

A new 3D virtual tour will turn more potential customers into paying members than ever before. Get a quote a work out how many new members you’ll need for it to pay off.
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Push Services

Using our advanced tagging features, we can highlight your personal trainers, classes, treatments and services in-tour easily from anywhere in the building.
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Sell Apparel & Nutrition

Want to see more customers in your gear, drinking your shakes and paying for more treatments? We can drive traffic and interest into your sales avenues.
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Beat Local Competiton

Sometimes the difference between a visitor or signup is simply the quality of your online showcase + we can get your 3D tour imported into Google Street View.

Upgrade The Online Brand

Finding it difficult to justify your pricing and value offer online with the current site? Our immersive 3D tours impress customers get them excited to join like nothing else.

Clients Including

  • London House Share Logo
  • LSL Homes

Persuade More Customers In 3D & Improve Visibility On Google Maps

We understand that running a gym, spa or leisure business you need to be constantly mindful of your membership churn, local competition, service and marketing. Weather its including the latest class franchise or investing in new equipment, it’s vital you keep pace with the market and consumer tastes. We can’t help you there, but we can make sure that what do you do have works as hard a possible for you with best-in-class online showcasing (3D 360° virtual tours) and with better online discovery (Google Street View). To give you a preview of how your gym, spa or business could utilise our virtual tours, check out the below.

360° Virtual Tours Double Interest In Business Listings
2 / 3 customers want virtual tours to help them make decisions
3x - 6x increase to online visit time with materport virtual tours

Try A Virtual Tour Now

“It would be great to see if they have the weights I want to use and the racks. If they do then I’m sold.”
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"I’m a little nervous about joining a gym, I’ve never been before and don’t want to look stupid not knowing where things are and what the classes will be like”
“Is this how my local gym looks like or are these just stock brand photos? I’m not sure.”
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“I wish I could see if they have everything I want to use in the gym without having to go there and check, I’m busy.”
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3D Walkthough Video’s Also Available

Gym & Spa Virtual Tour Applications

Let your new online visitors walk around, jump room to room and view the whole gym in 3D from any device

YMCA gym 360 virtual tour walk-through video
Adding a gym or leisure facility to Google Street View video

Use our competitive Google Street View package for ultimate virtual tour coverage and improved discovery

Showcase your menu, customer experience and atmosphere

Gym or healthclub cafe in matterport 360 virtual tour
Gym and healthclub shop inside virtual tour with matterport

Push online traffic to sales pages and increase interest in your retail space and products

You’re In Safe Hands 

Local-X 360 Virtual Tours Is An Accredited Matterport Provider & Google Street View Trusted Photographer

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  Want Us To Call You At Your Convenience? Request A Callback Now

Depending on the size of your facility, it can take between 1 – 6 hours of capture time, have a chat with us or we can organise a site visit to give you an estimate. It’s worth noting, we’re happy to capture at night or weekends when booked in advance.

Depending on the size, most clients can expect to pay from between £180 for small – medium size studios £450+ for larger spas and gym centres with multiple workout areas and facilities.

So long as the space is presented ready for photography at the agreed time and we have full access to the areas you want in the model (with the lights switched on), then there’s no need for someone to be present. We’d usually do a walkthrough with you to double check there are no issues.

Not hard at all and there’s no special installation on your site necessary. Our 3D virtual tours are hosted by us and we give a URL to place on the webpage (just like adding a Youtube video player URL). The tour player window comes with all the features you can see on our site.

Not a problem! Just let us know before capture.